Tristan Gemmill has blasted Amanda Holden.

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden

The 53-year-old 'Coronation Street' star took to Twitter to criticise Amanda, 50, for a joke she made about European languages while presenting the UK's points on Eurovision 2021 on Saturday (22.05.21).

Amanda said: "Bon Soir. Goedenavond. That is good evening in French and Dutch although I've got absolutely no idea which is which."

Referring to the UK's failure to receive any points, Tristan said: "The lowlight of the evening wasn’t the nul points, but Amanda Holden demonstrating perfectly why Europe thinks we’re an arrogant nation with a grossly overrated sense of our own importance, and why no one will ever vote for us. What a staggering misread of an audience that was."

Britain was the only country to not pick up a single point in the competition, leaving James Newman in last place as viewers were left unimpressed by his dance track 'Embers'.

Meanwhile, Italy's Maneskin emerged as winners of the contest, which was held in Rotterdam.

Italy's Maneskin have won the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.

The group - who were among this year's pre-show favourites - claimed the coveted accolade in front of a socially-distanced crowd at the Rotterdam Ahoy arena and after they were named the winners, the band hailed their triumph as a sign that "rock and roll never dies".

They said: "We just want to say to the whole of Europe, to the whole world - rock and roll never dies!"

The group achieved a landslide result from the public vote after wowing fans across the continent with their track 'Zitti e buoni'.

The Italian group actually sat in third place after the jury vote, on 208 points. At the time, they trailed the entrants from France and Switzerland, who topped the leaderboard.

However, their fortunes were totally transformed by the public vote, which earned them 318 extra points.

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