It may not have been on the small screen for a couple of years now, but True Blood is a show that still has people talking and now, Oscar-winning screenwriter Alan Balls' vampire series is coming to Broadway.

Credit: HBO

Credit: HBO

According to a report from the New York Post, work is already underway in making True Blood: The Musical a reality, with its premiere set to come in New York City.

Including the work of original HBO composer Nathan Barr in addition to Ball's own involvement, rumours suggest that the score and book for the show are in good shape, but are also in need of a huge edit.

Let's not forget that the series was originally based on Charlaine Harris' The Southern Vampire Mystery books, although the connection became looser and looser as the seasons went by.

Offering an adult world full of vampires when the kids of the globe were going wild for Twilight, True Blood was a major success. Whether or not that success can translate to the musical theatre stage however, remains to be seen.

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