Ulrika Jonsson has hit out at bodyshamers.

Ulrika Jonsson

Ulrika Jonsson

The 53-year-old presenter was upset when an Instagram follower called her too thin and said she has been called both too curvy and too skinny in the past and it needs to stop.

She wrote in The Sun newspaper: "Comments about, and pressure on the shape I am in have existed since I first learnt the words ‘fat’ and ‘skinny’ myself.

I’ve had family ‘elders’ (ie, people who should know better) comment on me having a 'fat a***' and only last September I was called 'skinny' and told I looked 'ill', by one. Naturally, if you show yourself off on a public platform, you have to expect some scrutiny. But to what degree and, really, why?

"Having constantly been told I had a big behind and big knockers, that I was 'big boned' and had 'good childbearing hips', has always weighed heavy on my mind.

"They are the kind of remarks that stay with you like a stubborn, immovable grease stain on your best top."

While Ulrika acknowledged that her Instagram follower meant no harm, she still thinks it is unfair to comment on women's bodies.

She said: "Only the other day one of my Instagram followers worried about me because I looked 'very slim.

"It was a caring enough remark and I responded cordially but it brought to the surface all the derogatory, disparaging and unflattering comments I’ve endured over the years.

"As a woman, I know I’m not alone and as I grow older, the landscape is fraught with even more mines of insult and shame."

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