Vic Reeves has teased there's a chance he could return to 'Coronation Street' in the future.

Vic Reeves

Vic Reeves

The 58-year-old comedian - whose real name is Jim Moir - is set to bow out of the long-running soap as former newsagent chain boss Colin Callen following a short stint last year, but he has admitted he may not be gone for good as his alter ego isn't being killed off.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, he said: "Colin's departure isn't final, so he could be back. I'd certainly love to return."

And, although he was hoping to stick around for longer because he's thoroughly enjoyed his time on the show, he could have joined the programme long before now as the executive producer Kate Oates had previously approached him about a role.

He said recently: "I do this with everything - I kind of let things simmer and linger. I'd been asked by a previous producer if I would be interested, but then Kate Oates [the current boss] came to see me on tour and left a note on my dressing room door saying: 'Would you like to be 'Corrie'? Give me a ring!' I bumped into her at some TV awards and she asked again, and finally I said: 'Yes please!' I'd received Kate's note and I was up for doing it but I didn't ring because I'm a bit shy like that."

However, for now, Vic has his hands tied up as he and his friend Bob Mortimer are writing a full series of 'Vic and Bob's Big Night Out' for 2018 following the successful festive special.

He said: "We're going to start writing a full series of 'Big Night Out' in January.

"We'll spend next year on it. 'Vic and Bob's Big Night Out' is pretty much like 'Shooting Stars' without the guests. TV audiences are a lot older now so if you do a bit of nostalgia, it's always going to appeal to them."

The comedy duo first worked together on 'Vic Reeves Big Night Out' in 1990 and have gone on to become pillars of British comedy, teaming up on other hit shows including 'The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer', 'Shooting Stars' and 'House Of Fools'.