Vicky Pattison felt "pressured" to have sex on TV.

Vicky Pattison

Vicky Pattison

The 30-year-old reality star insists she never felt comfortable getting intimate with then-fiance Ricci Guarnaccio in front of the 'Geordie Shore' cameras and she is a different person now.

She told Closer magazine: "Because of the history I've got - of falling out of clubs drunk and wearing miniscule dresses - people like to see that side to me. But that image is firmly behind me, I'm done with it.

"I would never dream of having sex on TV now. It was a situation I wasn't comfortable with and I allowed myself to feel pressured into doing something that wasn't me."

And Vicky insisted she'll keep the private details of her relationship with fiance John Noble firmly behind closed doors because their bond is so "special".

She added: "Sex is part of a healthy relationship. IT's something that is very important to me and intimate between us - and it should be kept that way.

"Our relationship is so special to me so what me and John get up to in the privacy of our bedroom is where we're going to keep it."

The couple - who recently postponed their wedding to 2019 - are doing their best to keep the "romance alive" between them after moving in together last year.

Vicky said: "Before we lived together, John and I were living at opposite ends of the country so whenever we saw each other, it was exciting.

"Now that we live together up North, we're in each other's pockets.

"We're working out how to keep that romance alive. Every week we try to schedule in a date night, where I'll get all dressed up and excited. We'll have some drinks and a really romantic night."

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