'Victoria' writer Daisy Goodwin wants Richard Madden to replace Tom Hughes as the show's new hunk.

Richard Madden

Richard Madden

The creator of the hit ITV programme is looking for a new heartthrob to replace the 32-year-old actor - whose character Prince Albert will die in the next series - and thinks the 'Bodyguard' star would be perfect for the role as the queen's personal attendant John Brown.

Daisy told The Sun's Bizarre TV column: "I'm still thinking about that, but the hottest Scotsman around at the moment is Richard Madden - he would definitely be good.

"Victoria was 42 when Albert died and when you look at pictures of John Brown he was a very attractive man."

Tom, 32, previously stated he gained weight for the current series so he could portray a more mature version of his character.

He said: "I'm trying to map [Albert's life] out correctly and be as fair as I can. I've put on a bit of weight for this series, I'm holding him differently so Albert feels older.

"I'm trying to age him in the right way, doing as much as I can without cheating him. Those things are important."

His co-star Jenna Coleman recently confirmed she will likely be replaced in the show as it is impossible for her to continue playing Queen Victoria - who died at the age of 81 - in the regal drama as the character gets older, but admitted she isn't looking forward to the day when she has to step down and let someone else take over as the monarch in the next stage of her life.

She said: "There's going to come a point where I have to [to be recast]. The idea I'll be playing Victoria meeting Abdul is not really possible."

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