The Voice's Lauren Bannon practices her Oscar speech in the car in case singing doesn't work out for her and she becomes an award-winning actress instead.

Lauren Bannon

Lauren Bannon

The 27-year-old hopeful - who is being mentored by Olly Murs on the singing competition - can see herself becoming a global sensation one day, but not in the field that many may expect, as she's secretly hoping that she'll land a role in a blockbuster and she'll be so successful that she'll be nominated for an award.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, she said: "I practice my Oscar speech alone in the car in case the singing doesn't work out and I become an award-winning actress!"

But, for now, the brunette beauty is going to take all of the advice Olly has dished out to her over the past few months and hope she can win the singing competition.

Asked the best advice from Olly she's received, she said: "Don't be afraid of letting things go wrong. As long as you deliver the performance, people won't know."

And, although she's still got to win over the public, Lauren has already decided what she wants to spend her first pay cheque on - a holiday for her and her wife Bex.

She said when asked what she was planning to do with her potential cash: "A holiday with my wife Bex in Santorini - now it's printed she's going to hold me to this!"

That's not the only thing she's looking forward to as Lauren has already decided the name of her debut album and has admitted she'd like to collaborate with Sia.

Asked what she'd name her debut album, she replied: "Eden."

Lauren will go up against Donel Mangena, Ruti Olajugbagbe and Belle Voci in the final this weekend on ITV as they battle it out to win the prized record deal.

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