Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen bring Vision and Wanda to Disney+ / Picture Credit: Marvel Studios
Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen bring Vision and Wanda to Disney+ / Picture Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel’s WandaVision has entertained millions since it debuted on the Disney+ streaming platform three weeks back, but there are those who aren’t impressed with the show and in particular, its pacing.

Some believe that the drip-feed narrative, which only delivers slithers of the story as each week passes, was the wrong decision to make. There are also critics who think too much is being given away this early on!

Then there's the majority; the third group who think it’s an inventive way to do things, as it’s completely unique to anything we’ve seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the past.

We’ve certainly not seen Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany - the titular Wanda and Vision - engage in a sitcom setting before!

Speaking with Digital Spy, creator Jac Schaeffer addressed the critiques and said: "Yeah, I understand it. I was worried about that, especially because Marvel fans show up with an expectation, and we are bucking that expectation quite a bit. But I think that anyone who invests in the show will find satisfaction. We do take the show to places that a traditional Marvel fan will enjoy."

It’s a little discouraging on a personal level as a fan of Marvel - but not a hardcore fan - to see criticism of storytellers trying to do something differently, rather than sticking to the formulaic narrative we have seen woven through countless MCU movies released over the past decade or so.

Picture Credit: Marvel Studios
Picture Credit: Marvel Studios

Everybody is allowed their opinion of course, but if that negativity bleeds into the minds of creators who are working on the future of the MCU, then we could see a lot of playing safe rather than throwing all of their creativity into every project they have; and that could be extremely damaging for the entire franchise moving forward.

It’s a shame to see Schaeffer feel as though they have to promise the more recognisable formula in the future of the series; it sounds as though the negative comments are already having an effect on the inventive nature of the writers behind-the-scenes.

Marvel’s WandaVision continues Fridays, exclusive to Disney+.

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