White Dee claims her 'Benefits Street' family was "ripped apart" by the show.

White Dee

White Dee

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' star - whose real name is Deirdre Kelly - admits she isn't close with Black Dee, Fungi and 50p Man, who also appeared on the Channel 4 show, anymore and claims it was the "editing" of the show that caused them all to drift apart.

She said: "I haven't spoken to anyone shown in the documentary though I do still speak to people on the street. It is the one sad thing. I do think it was one of the biggest regrets ever. We were like one massive family. But how it was portrayed by the TV editing ripped us apart. I see Fungi every now and again but haven't spoken to him for a while. But I keep tabs on him."

Dee had a hysterectomy operation last year and admits she is still struggling after the emergency procedure.

She shared to BirminghamLive: "It's life changing. The pain was excruciating and I might have to have another operation The last year has been tough. My health is not good. I am of fragile mind. I suffer from depression. I take medication and it is a lifetime battle. I am outgoing on the outside but it is bravado. There is the public Dee who is very different."