'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' creator David Briggs wants Major Charles Ingram to "admit" he cheated.

Chris Tarrant

Chris Tarrant

The 71-year-old producer has opened up about the finale of 'Quiz' - which tells the true story of the major cheating his way to winning £1 million on the quiz programme - and he hit out at the idea Charles, his wife Diana and their accomplice Tecwen Whittock may not be guilty.

David - played by Elliot Levey on the show - told The Sun newspaper: "What I'd say to anyone uncertain of their guilt now is simple - go back and watch the programme.

"I was there in the studio on the night it happened, and the evidence is compelling. I'm very protective of 'Millionaire'. This is the show that I created. It was my little baby.

"But it was a show that was important to the viewing public of Britain. The Ingrams did their evil deed then I think the public got behind us and thought, 'These disgusting little guys tried to cheat.'

"If I ever met them in the street, I'd ask them, 'If my lips would be sealed for the rest of my life, tell me, 'Did you do it?' I'd just like to hear him admit it."

The contestant took home the £1 million prize, but it was later claimed by ITV that he had been helped by audience coughing at the right answers.

Although all three were found guilty of deception in 2003, Charles has maintained his innocence and the Ingrams now plan to appeal the decision.

The show's former host Chris Tarrant - played by Michael Sheen in the three-part drama - insisted this week he has no doubt the "rotter" major was guilty.

He said: "It was very well made wasn't it? It was actually very well done but it is a drama, it's not factual.

"So most of those conversations were made up because that's what playwrights do. I mean the bottom line is he's a rotter and a cad and a bandit and he was guilty. No question in my mind at all that he was guilty!"