Will Mellor was stunned when a nurse started telling him how much she loved watching him on TV while he was undergoing a vasectomy.

Will Mellor

Will Mellor

The 'Coronation Street' newcomer - who has joined the ITV soap as drug lord Harvey - was hoping nobody would recognise him while he was semi-naked and undergoing the procedure, because he didn't want anyone to say they had seen "Will's willy" following his op.

He said: "When I was having my vasectomy, I was lying there, semi-naked, and the nurse told me how much she loved watching me on TV.

"She was a lovely person, but at that moment you hope it's somebody who's never seen you before in your life.

"You don't want her going home saying, 'Well, today I saw Will's willy.' "

Will admitted he has found the coronavirus lockdowns hard, but he and his dance teacher wife Michelle McSween - who he has been married to since 2007 - love to turn one of the rooms in their house into a restaurant now and again to feel like they are dining out.

He said: "It's tough if you have a creative mind like mine, bouncing all over the place.

"To keep the boredom at bay at home we have takeaways, where we turn one of the rooms into a little restaurant.

"We'll turn it into an Indian or Chinese restaurant and have music and candles.

"We even get dressed for dinner."

Will's dad tragically passed away during the first lockdown last year, and the former 'Hollyoaks' star has admitted his father would be "so proud" of him being in 'Coronation Street'.

He added to Metro newspaper: "He was a massive 'Corrie' fan and he would be so proud that I was in the show."

Will now wears his late dad's signet ring so that his father is with him on set.

He recently said: "I now wear his ring on my little finger, so I can look down at that while I’m filming and feel that he’s on the Street with me.

"He supported me all my life, so whatever I do, I take him with me by wearing his ring. He lives in me, so it feels like we’re doing this together."