Will.i.am thinks Olly Murs is going to be the new Mr Nice Guy of 'The Voice'.



The Black Eyed Peas star says the former star of 'The X Factor' - who is joining him on the panel of the ITV singing talent show as a coach alongside Sir Tom Jones and Jennifer Hudson - is going to be the funny man of the new series, and easy going with contestants.

Will told The Sun newspaper: "I love his personality, he's friendly, nice, kind and he's not going to be dominant.

"I think he could be an actor. There is a future for Olly in film. He's like that Chris Pratt in 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' - he has that same type of charisma."

But he did warn the 33-year-old singer and TV presenter not to take his flirting too far.

Will said: "Olly is charming and his flirting his cute, as long as he doesn't make someone feel uncomfortable.

"The boundaries are blurred nowadays. What's flirting and what's harassment?

"It's weird, that's why I talk about spirituality - it's safe."

But the hip hop mogul admitted that it's McFly's Danny Jones - who he works with on spin-off show 'The Voice Kids' - who takes the top spot as his favourite coach.

Will said: "Danny on the Kids Voice is my favourite. He is the freest.

"He made me better at my job by being next to him, because he shares what's on his mind.

"His mind is fast, I've never met anyone who is faster than my brain.

"I'm cruising with Tom, Jennifer and Olly, I have to slow my mind down. But with Danny I have to sprint, I have to be on my freakin' toes."

Meanwhile, Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson recently hit out publicly at Olly after being replaced by him in the new series of 'The Voice'.

Will said: "That's sad and it hurts that Ricky felt that way.

"I'm a collector, so I don't really know how to dispose of things. My perfect Voice panel would include all of us."