Zara McDermott has called for Adam Collard to "pull his finger out a little bit", because she hasn't heard from him since he was booted off 'Love Island'.

Zara McDermott

Zara McDermott

The 21-year-old government advisor was coupled up with the 22-year-old personal trainer in the villa until she left the ITV2 show last month, and she is keen to have a chat with the hunk to see if there is still a connection between them following his departure.

She said: "I've not heard from him. I think he needs to pull his finger out a little bit. It wasn't easy watching him kiss someone else on TV so soon after we had separated so I think he has got to pull his finger out a little bit and make some effort.

"The Adam I watch on TV and the Adam I got to know in the villa are two different people. I need to wait to speak to him in person."

Rosie Williams - who was also with Adam in the villa until her exit - added: "He has got to prove himself to you, hasn't he babe?"

Zara and Rosie have patched up their differences since they clashed on the show over Adam.

The 26-year-old lawyer said: "We are going to go for dinner and have a little chat."

Zara added: "We're absolutely fine."

Adam coupled up with Darylle Sargeant when Zara departed the villa, and while the government worker wasn't surprised he hooked up with another girl, she was shocked that the 24-year-old eyebrow technician looked so different compared to her.

Speaking in a joint interview on 'Good Morning Britain' - on which Zara and Rosie were joined by fellow former 'Love Island' stars Charlie Frederick and Hayley Hughes - Zara said: "I wasn't shocked because I knew in order to stay he had to couple up with someone.

"It's just the fact that Darylle and I are so worlds apart and the same with Rosie, we all look very different."

This comes just days after Adam admitted in the villa that he "definitely has feelings" for Zara.

He said: "Me and Darylle get on well, she's hot. But I'd be lying if I said there wasn't still feelings there for Zara. I did really like her.

"Honestly I thought if I went to Casa Amor and threw myself into someone I would just forget about it. But I definitely have feelings for Zara."