Zara McDermott saw "issues" and "cracks" in Ellie Brown and Charlie Brake's relationship.

Zara Mcdermott

Zara Mcdermott

The 'Love Island' beauty - who will be moving in with her beau Adam Collard, 22, next week - has revealed she didn't see any "longevity" in her best friend and fellow contestant Ellie's on-screen romance and admitted she is "devastated" and "upset" for her pal.

The former dating show couple have only recently ended their relationship but Charlie is already seeing Kimberley Owen, the daughter of New Zealand billionaire Steve Owen.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the launch of Thorpe Park Fright Night, Zara, 21, said: "I'm really upset about the whole Ellie and Charlie thing, it is so horrible seeing your best mate in the situation, so helpless, but obviously I adore her and everything that Charlie's done is just completely wrong.

"To have a new girlfriend while you're still with your old girlfriend, like, you can't have two girlfriends at once, it's not a thing.

"But it's devastating for her and I'm upset on her behalf but I think she's really been so strong. In a week the difference in her is amazing so I think she'll continue.

"Ellie is strong but she has a really sensitive side and that's what makes her so special. She was so good to Charlie with all the lovely little things she used to do for him and I saw their relationship from the outside and there were issues and cracks that I saw."

Zara confessed that Ellie and Charlie weren't "compatible" and would make comments to each other that "were a bit near the mark" for a loved-up couple.

She explained: "When you'd see them sitting round the dinner table and someone makes a comment and you think 'Oh that was a bit near the mark' for being in a relationship.

"Me and Adam knew from then that there wasn't maybe any longevity in it. It's a shame it had to be that way but I suppose they just weren't compatible."

The reality star revealed living with Adam will be no different than being in the 'Love Island' villa and doesn't care about what trolls say because she's "excited" to finally take the next step in her relationship.

"Me and Adam are moving into our first house next week, we were supposed to be moving in next Saturday but its been pushed back annoyingly so we're really looking forward to that, we're really excited.

"But if you think about it, I lived with him since the day I met him so if we didn't live together it would be a very big change in our relationship so I suppose that's how I see it anyway."

Zara was joined at the Thorpe Park Fright Night event by a host of other celebrities including Kerry Katona, Kem Cetinay, Chloe Lloyd, Jaime Winstone, Linda Robson and Olivia Jade Attwood.

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