Zoe Ball was once almost arrested for dancing naked outside.

Zoe Ball

Zoe Ball

The BBC Radio 2 DJ had a brush with the law when she was in her twenties after having downed a lot of absinthe.

She admitted: "I was almost arrested in Camden in the 90s. I was caught dancing on a wall in only thigh-high boots and an overcoat. Absinthe might have been involved."

But that wasn’t the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to the 50-year-old presenter because she was left red-faced in front of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro last year thanks to her hormones.

Asked about her most embarrassing moment, she admitted: "Having a menopausal hot flush while interviewing Al Pacino and Robert De Niro last year. My glasses steamed up and slowly slid down my nose."

Zoe can’t wait for the coronavirus pandemic to be over so she can enjoy fun times with her loved ones again.

Asked what she would most like to be doing right now, she told the Guardian newspaper's Weekend magazine: "At Glastonbury, singing and dancing with my kids and best friends. I have everything crossed for 2021 …

"The only thing on my bucket list right now is to spend a whole weekend with all my family, all together in one place and not on a ruddy Zoom call."

Zoe previously admitted that she's changed markedly since her time on Radio 1.

The presenter also thinks her early public persona was a reflection of British culture at the time.

Zoe - who replaced Chris Evans on the Radio 2 'Breakfast Show' in 2019 - explained: "I think the ladette culture was a label thing, and it was the nineties and it was Britpop and it was quite wild."