Nico Vera is the first evictee in Big Brother Canada Season 8 / Photo Credit: Global
Nico Vera is the first evictee in Big Brother Canada Season 8 / Photo Credit: Global

History was made in last night's (March 5th, 2020) edition of Big Brother Canada, when Nico Vera took his fate into his own hands and decided to self-evict rather than face the block alongside his fellow houseguest, Susanne Fuda. He became the first contestant in Big Brother Canada history to do so, rather than allowing his fellow competitors to take him out of the game.

Despite his move, it was looking as though the House had come to a consensus that Nico should be the person to go home. Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao made an attempt to rally for him and flip the vote so that Susanne would be sent packing, but it seemed she simply got on the nerves of others, rather than actually convincing them it would be a good idea.

Nico found himself in the bottom two facing eviction, when he failed to win both the strength and mental competitions that could have saved him from the block. Minh-Ly and Chris Wyllie were the victors of those two respective battles, earning their immunity for the week.

Due to Nico's decision, he wasn't present for an eviction interview with host Arisa Cox, and it's unlikely we'll see him invited to any Big Brother Canada events in the future. Those who quit on shows of this type are rarely given a chance to become a part of the 'family', so don't be surprised if we don't see any glimpse of Nico again moving forward.

Whilst it is frustrating to see a houseguest give up and quit, when thousands of people apply for the chance to become a part of the show every year, nobody can comment on the decision made by Nico unless they themselves have been through the same scenario. Given that there are just over 100 houseguests to compete in Canada, that's a very limited pool of people that can offer some insight.

In 2020, many have vowed to be kinder to those we see on television and in the spotlight, supporting them when they look to be going through times of trouble, rather than tearing them down. We must apply that to all aspects of the entertainment industry: none of us know what Nico was going through after learning his home country hadn't voted to save him, and that his fellow houseguests didn't want him around.

We wish him all the best and echo the words of Arisa: be kind.

Big Brother Canada continues Wednesdays at 7pm ET/PT, as well as Thursdays and Sundays at 8pm ET/PT, on Global. 

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