If you've been watching episodes of Emmerdale lately you'll have seen just how eerie a turn the soap seems to be taking.

Credit: Karina Lidia

Credit: Karina Lidia

Female First got the opportunity to chat to Pasha Bocarie about his role in the ITV series as Rakesh, the darker side of the character we're going to see in the coming weeks and months and what life is like working on the popular soap.

We're beginning to see a darker side of Rakesh in Emmerdale, is it something that's going to continue to flourish?

Most definitely. You're going to see him getting a lot darker and edgier and see what he's capable of. Also, you'll see his past catch up with him at some stage and you'll see what he's made of.

Do you think Rakesh thinks he has his son's best interests at heart when he doctored the baby's test results?

I think he does. I think he's looking out for number one and for him number one is his son and obviously his family. He uses this very much as the worst possible thing that could be happening with his son at this moment in time.

In the world of soap things tend to go full circle. How will Rakesh explain himself to Kirin when he finds out what he's done?

Well it's definitely going to be worth watching when he does, but you're just going to have to wait and see!

Adam Fielding who plays Kirin has teased some of Rakesh's past, which may be brought up in the future. Can you tell us anything about that?

He came from humble beginnings so he had to do what it takes to get where he is now.

Kirin recently made a move on Priya. What can you tell us about where this storyline is going?

For Kieran, his actions are basically about him being on the rebound and his devastation over Vanessa and his baby. He got drunk and it was a silly mistake. Obviously he realises it was a silly thing to do.

Would you like to see Rakesh to become a huge soap villain or do you hope that this is a one off and that he can have a happy future on the show?

I would like to see him become a soap villain because it will allow my character to go from being super nice to super bad and that's quite an enjoyable journey for any actor to go through.

How much are you enjoying working on Emmerdale and what's the experience like on set?

I'm loving being on Emmerdale. You get to act your socks off and that's the best thing any actor could ask for. It's a very good atmosphere on set amongst cast, crew, makeup, set and directors. Everyone has a lot of respect for what you're doing over there and we all support each other.

What would be a typical day filming Emmerdale?

There's no typical day. It's always changing because you're playing with different storylines and working with different people, different directors, and different actors. So it's always fresh and always keeps moving.

What's next for you?

I would like to continue working in television and film and if I get the opportunity to return to the stage I'd always welcome that. Having just renewed my contract for another year, I'm really looking forward to what I'm going to do on Emmerdale and I'm focused on that. After that, we'll see where it takes me!

Emmerdale continues weekdays on ITV.

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