The first part of the seventh reunion in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired last night in the States and is available now for British viewers on reality streaming service hayu, and boy was it a wild ride! Here are some of the most memorable moments from the first part of the three-parter…

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast

Erika and Dorit (feat. Eileen) – Part 1

  • A reunion first – Erika and Lisa Rinna wore the same shoes! Rinna however decided not to wear any underwear “in ode to whatever goes on today”.
  • Dorit said that a lot of her comments to Erika were in jest, but Erika replied: “There’s a drop of truth in all kidding, that’s how you get away with s**t.” Dorit however said she made lights of situations to “take the intensity out of it.”
  • “What’s on my lung is on my tongue.” – Dorit
  • Erika admitted that she believes Eileen never meant to attack her child, acknowledging that she lost control following the comments in Hong Kong. She also apologised to Eileen for not addressing the situation right away and viewers caught some unseen footage of Eileen after she was ‘done up’ by Erika’s Glam Squad. “I had a meltdown,” Erika concluded.
  • Erika also confirmed that her son now lives with her.

Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump

  • LVP admitted that she still hadn’t let go when it comes to her and Eileen’s confrontations last year, but quickly apologised for having a dig about Vinny “looking up somebody’s skirt”.
  • LVP also admitted that she enjoyed seeing Rinna in the hot seat during this year’s season following the pair’s arguments last year.
  • Rinna and LVP also revealed that they had a moment where they connected following their time with the pilot of a plane, LVP’s friend Terry, who later died in a helicopter crash.

Dorit and PK

  • Dorit took a battering for her parenting skills, but defended herself against those that slammed her for having so many nannies and housekeepers. “It’s not like I’m choosing to not spend time with my children,” she said. Kyle also hopped to her defence.
  • PK has dyed his hair! He looks a little odd, but it didn’t stop him from jumping into the reunion when asked.
  • PK admitted that he did get involved at times when he shouldn’t have done so, then conversation turned towards Pantygate.
  • Erika says that she’s embarrassed by the whole Pantygate situation, and Dorit added that “there’s nothing wrong about not wearing underwear”.
  • PK also firmly denied he was staring up Erika’s dress, instead stating that he caught a glance and then never looked again. He said he made light of the situation and agreed that the whole thing was talked about for too long.
  • “I’m not calling her a nasty person; I’m calling YOU a nasty person for saying that s**t about me.” – Erika to PH.

Next week, we’ll see Eden and Kim join the ladies for the reunion where the tension and drama ramps up to another level and Kim seems to have a HUGE reveal waiting for Rinna…

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