Jemma Bird

Jemma Bird

Jemma Bird thinks that she was unfairly given the axe from The Apprentice last night, placing the blame instead on Sanjay Sood-Smith and James Hill.

The star was booted from the show but thinks the pair were much more the cause of the failure of the coach trip task - one Karren Brady described as the "trip from hell".

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Jemma explained: "I think James should have got fired. That was the kind of general standpoint, really. It seemed like that at the time but Sanjay made his decision and it ended up being me.

"James was psyching himself up to go in that boardroom as if he was about to go into a boxing match so I think Sanjay looked at the two of us and thought he'd rather take me on.

"I thought I'd be against Sanjay and James. They are very strong candidates and my card was marked to be honest.

"But Sanjay was owning up to a lot of things so I thought maybe I still had a chance because he made quite a few mistakes.

"I do think Sanjay made a lot of mistakes on that task, he did admit loads. You have to give him credit for holding his hands up and saying that he'd made mistakes."

While Jemma insists she doesn't have regrets about her time on the show, she does think she was "too well behaved" during the task which led to her firing.

"My main downfall was probably not being much of an entertainer and being a bit too well behaved.

"I did things in the background which people obviously don't think are entertaining. So I got marked with the non-contribution card which was very frustrating."

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