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Big Brother

Big Brother forced housemates to nominate live on air last night, and as a result, Angel and Halfwit will face eviction this Friday.

Bit before we talk about the nominations, can anyone explain to me how Sree managed to escape being nominated? Let’s face it, he has probably annoyed everyone in the house this week, but still he escapes the chop!

What’s even more baffling, is that Noirin didn’t nominate him, even though she has spent the past few days moaning about how much he gets on her nerves… so could Noirin have a game plan after all?

Anyway, back to yesterday, first of all, when Siavash was playing the role of King Henry, he stopped Charlie from taking part in this week’s nominations, as well as giving Marcus immunity, despite originally hinting that he would give it to Halfwit / Feddie as he had been nominated every week so far.

The most upsetting thing though, is that when each contestant was given just 90 seconds to nominate two of their fellow housemates, the most popular were lovebirds Angel and Freddie, who we were hoping would get it on in the weeks to come.

Despite the fact that this is the Third time that Freddie has faced the public vote, we can’t help but wonder whether Angel will be walking out of the house on Friday now that Freddie seems to have gone down well with the public. After all, she didn’t do herself any favours when drooling all over her face as she strummed the guitar on last nights show… what was that all about?

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