With Maxwell going to bed early to be with Saskia, it seems that Craig is Anthony's new late-night chatting buddy. The pair were chatting away like a pair of old ladies over the back of their garden fence and getting on just fabulously. "I love having a crack with you," said Anthony with a big grin. Craig responded by telling him that he liked what he did with his hair, and the self-titled "best hairdresser in the world" told Anthony that he'd make a great hairdresser himself. "If you don't get another career after this I'll sort you out at the salon," Craig promised him.

Soon, Craig was pouring his heart out to his new best friend and unlike chats with Maxwell, it was deeper than just beer, football and farts. Craig spoke of the best night of his life, when he went to Brighton and pulled six models in one evening - or "fitties" as he called them. "Six models? Birds?" Anthony asked.

Craig refused to say what gender they were but stated he would love to move to Brighton.

"Why Brighton?" Anthony said, perhaps a little naively. Craig gave a wry smile. "It's fantastic."

"My boss said that I would love it there," Anthony stated.

Craig chuckled and said: "Oh you would..."

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What odds on Craig and Anthony opening their own salon in Brighton?
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