Chantelle & Preston

Chantelle & Preston

Chantelle and Preston fell in love in Celebrity Big Brother, got married, got divorced and now they're back to rubbing the noses of their giant heads together and having heart-to-hearts all over the house… so do we think they should kiss and make up?

It's clear to anyone watching Ultimate Big Brother that the Chantelle is still head over heels in love with Preston, and we've got a little inkling that the Ordinary Boy might feel the same about his ex.

We at FemaleFirst reckon it can only be a matter of time before they get it on again, and last night Makosi told Chantelle on last night's show that Preston "fancies the sh** out of you."

Whilst Preston has a girlfriend on the outside, it didn't stop him last time did it? Plus he did  admit last night that his girlfriend has moved away and that he might be back on the market. *SCREAM!!*

Do you think the couple should get back together, or are they ex's for a reason?

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