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Big Brother

Today the Ultimate Big Brother housemates will undergo their first shopping task. But only one housemate holds the key to winning the shopping budget - queen of the tantrum Nikki Graeme.

This afternoon Nikki will have to feel her way to shopping list success, as she gets to grips with 5 ex-female Housemates heads, to work out who they are in WHO IS SHE!?

Inside the large task room is a pink wooden box that is at chest height with two holes for Nikki to put her hands through. Inside the box are 5 ex-Housemate ladies whom Nikki has to indetify by touch alone whilst blindfolded.

They are:

Anna Nolan from Big Brother 1
Caroline O'Shea from Big Brother 1
Amma Antwi- Agyei from Big Brother 2
Grace Adams-Short from Big Brother 7
Kathreya Kasisopa from Big Brother 9

Nikki will be given 30 seconds to feel their head and face. She will then be asked to state who she think the ex female Housemate is.

The more heads Nikki correctly identifies while blindfolded, the more money she will win for the House. Nikki will earn £50 per correctly identified Housemate.

As well as this Nikki will be shown a line up of 5 people, one of whom is a real ex-housemate.
This is Lisa Jeynes BB4, while the rest are non ex-Housemates. Nikki is told that if she successfully identifies the real ex-Housemate, she will receive a bonus sum of money.

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