With another passing week of course comes another Big Brother Canada eviction, and it was Andrew Miller from Toronto, ON that this week had to wave goodbye to his fellow houseguests… or just run straight for the door and make a quick exit. Luckily, we managed to catch up with the competitor to find out a little bit more about his eviction, what he’d do if he got back into the house in a BBCAN twist, and more!

Andrew Miller became the second casualty of Big Brother Canada season 6

Andrew Miller became the second casualty of Big Brother Canada season 6

Your campaigning for Rozina to stay last week seems to be the primary reason you’re now out of the house; do you think the house was justified in their suspicions of you because of that move?

I definitely think the house was not justified in my campaigning. People in the house needed convincing. I think because we had such a younger cast, they were a little passive, and I’m not sure what game they’re playing, but I came to play Big Brother. People were just kind of sitting around waiting to be told what to do, so if I had any chance of manipulating or making a change, it’d be… yeah.

We saw your friendship with Erica go through some tough times; do you think the pair of you will be able to maintain a friendship out of the house?

You know, I’m a very emotional guy and I definitely did try to separate game play from the actual game. Who knows? Time heals all wounds. It’s kinda like an old ex-girlfriend you see in the mall one day, you’re like; “Should I say something? Should i?”, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of time for us to sit and talk and maybe try to mend any divisions. But you saw how she did me though! She did me pretty dirty, just saying! I’ll try though.

Where do you think the strongest alliance in the house lies?

I definitely think the strongest alliance in the house is the showmance between Derek and Kaela. Derek is completely whooped. He doesn’t do anything without consulting with her and I saw that early, it was like day 2 or 3, I’m like, “Dude, you just got in the house man, relax!”, but he’s really leaning on her for everything and all types of game play. She definitely has a bit of a puppet thing going on with him.

Who do you hope is next out of the house and why?

You know I don’t wish for anyone to be removed from the house but with that being said, I hope it’s Erica. I hope that she goes quickly and swiftly, but she’s actually low key a comp beast. She’s trying to down play her game. She’s a great talker so you gotta be very careful with her.

We’ve seen some big BBCAN twists in the past; how differently would you play the game if you managed to make it back into the house somehow?

You know, I think at this point if I managed to get back in the house I wouldn’t change much. I would still have more of an aggressive game play, especially as I feel like things have ramped up with my departure. So I’d definitely try and play the same game, I’d definitely try to make big moves, and I would, like I said, I’m not trying to do petty crime, I’m trying to rob a bank.


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