Following this week’s jaw-dropping triple eviction on Big Brother Canada season 6, we sat down with the evicted houseguests to find out a little bit more about their experience! Here, Olivia discusses where things went wrong, and how she’ll be choosing her winner when using her all-important Jury vote!

Olivia and Johnny were evicted as part of a Big Brother Canada triple eviction

Olivia and Johnny were evicted as part of a Big Brother Canada triple eviction

You were evicted as part of a triple eviction which must have come as a surprise! Have you had a chance to let it sink in?

I don’t know if it’s really gonna sink in until we’re in the Jury House with all of the cast again, because right now it feels a little surreal.

Despite being evicted you have made Jury, so how will you be basing your decision for a winner of this game?

I will base my decision on finale night when I hear what they have to say and after I ask my questions. That’s really all I’m gonna base it on. How did you succeed without winning anything? That’s my real question.

Who do you think has played the best game this season so far, and why?

Out of everyone? Even people evicted? Maybe Erica. I think you (Johnny) did also. It got a little messy at times, but I think Erica who was so clean and nobody ever said her name, which is why I felt like I had to do something.

If you could swap places with anybody still in the house, who would you choose and why?

I would choose Derek. I feel like that would be an interesting dynamic to feel. I just feel like he has a lot of potential, and I would hate for him to waste it so, I would love to be in his position so it wouldn’t be wasted.

Big Brother Canada continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on Global.

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