Following the first double eviction in the sixth season of Big Brother Canada, both Veronica and Hamza were sent packing and out of the house. We got the opportunity to put some quick questions to both of them about their experience, who they want out next, and more…

Veronica and Hamza fell victim to this season's first double eviction

Veronica and Hamza fell victim to this season's first double eviction


Why do you think Canada voted you into the Big Brother Canada house?

I think Canada voted me in because I definitely have this type of energy and presence that I bring to the table wherever I go. I believe that I bring this unique individuality and crazy, fun attitude, and I think that people can see that the moment they meet me, the moment they hear me speak. I truly think that they voted me in because they knew that I would bring something different to the table if I was in the Big Brother house. People just think I’m fun and crazy and free-spirited, and who wouldn’t wanna see that anywhere you go?

Erica came after you pretty hard during the Power of Veto ceremony; how did you find that whole experience of being put up on the block and being told you weren’t running the house in front of the entire house?

You know, the reason why it killed me the most is because I was so close to being HoH in the previous week, and I wanted to make that same speech to somebody, so the only thing that killed me about it is that I was on the other side of it, because if I won HoH I’d be the one making a big move from the get go, and I’d be the one making a big speech like that and sending someone out the door. So to me it was just, to sit and be on the other side of it, and hear it from her, was really hard. But at the end of the day, again, a compliment to be backdoored because everybody in the house as well as Erica knows, if I had a chance to play in the Veto, I would not be out of the house right now. I think that regardless of how savage her speech was, I know that in the end I was one of the only people in the house that she was afraid of, so kudos to her for getting me out.

Who do you hope is next out of the Big Brother Canada house and why?

I hope to everything in the world that Olivia is out of the house next. I think the fact that Hamza and I decided to save her last week when she was our main target to get out of the house, and instead we decided to keep her safe, she promised all these things to us. Now I’m out of the house, then she sends my boy Hamza out of the house, I think that she feels a little too nice right now. I feel that she thinks she’s a lot of a better player than she actually is and if Hamza or I were in the house, we would be sending that little sheep out of the house along with the rest of the herd.


You’ve been playing this game hard since the moment you went in; do you regret going so hard from day one?

I think it was an essential part of my experience going hard from the beginning. I told myself going in I’m just gonna go, play my game, try to play in as many comps as possible, and I didn’t care whether it’d make me a big target or a big threat, it didn’t really matter to me, I just wanted to have fun, entertain myself, entertain Canada, and I think I managed to do so. I was never gonna be a floater that’s gonna slide under the radar and make it to the end and not be remembered. I’d much rather be remembered as a good and strategic player, even if it bit me in the butt. I’m still glad for the way I played.

Which of the houseguests this year would you credit with coming into the game and being willing to play hard?

There’s a few houseguests. Obviously Veronica, that’s why she’s sitting next to me, then there’s me, we were willing to play hard. You’ve got someone like Erica for getting Veronica out this week. Those are just three names of people that are willing to play hard and say it how they see it, not go with what the house wants, and that was evident this week for sure.

Who do you hope is next out of the Big Brother Canada house and why?

I hope to God that Olivia gets sent home next week and stays in Jury by herself, so she can just sit there and not talk to anybody. I never liked her from the beginning, I should have sent her home, I don’t know why I didn’t, I regret it with all my life. I really hope she’s out. I’m really sour, I’m really bitter, I don’t care Olivia, I hope you’re out of the house and I’m gonna pray every day until it happens, and then I’m gonna be satisfied.

Big Brother Canada continues Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on Global.

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