In tonight's episode of Big Brother: Timebomb, Aisleyne enters the house in glorious fashion as part of the latest shopping task.

However, any happiness she may have brought with her is short-lived, and she struggles to keep her anger in when Nikki tells her what Helen said about Brian the night before.

Credit: Channel 5
Credit: Channel 5

Speaking in the Diary Room, Aisleyne says: "I'm raging. No wonder the poor boy scaled the walls. I feel like crying. I wanted to bring happiness, positivity, good energy and all that happens is arguments and strife. Everyone's scared of Helen. They're petrified to have an opinion that negates Helen's opinion. It's pathetic and it's a shame. This is their experience and their house and their Big Brother journey and she's so self-absorbed that she can't even see that she might be ruining it for them."

Later, Helen and Marc are on the couches with Nikki, and Helen says to the legendary housemate: "I don't think Aisleyne is the problem. It's you. You've had to have special treatment because you think you're different to every other housemate."

Nikki responds: "I'm different to you because I'm a good person and you're evil. You're pure poison. You're loathed by the nation because you're bitter and vile."

Marc and Helen go on to blast Danny and Cristian, saying they're on Nikki's side simply because "she's a favourite".

Later crying in the Diary Room, Nikki's comforted by Aisleyne who says: "I'm so proud of you. Don't let this be about her. This is about you."

Big Brother: Timebomb continues daily on Channel 5.

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