Speaking to reporters this morning about her Big Brother: Timebomb win, Chloe Wilburn still seemed shocked and excited about taking home the £116,100 prize, making her total takings from the series £121,100.

Chloe Wilburn wins Big Brother / Credit: Channel 5

Chloe Wilburn wins Big Brother / Credit: Channel 5

"It's so much money, it's more money than you can wave a stick at. But I'm definitely going to spend it wisely. I'm going to invest in property, I think. I'm definitely going to take all the girls to Benidorm. As soon as I get home, that's the first thing I'm going to look into - one wild holiday in Benidorm!

"I know this is boring, but I've also got to sort my teeth out! I've got the worst teeth. I've got proper fangs, so I'm definitely going to sort them out. And I know this is probably a cheesy thing to say, but I'm definitely going to give some money to Macmillan Cancer Support - a charity that's close to my granddad's heart and something that my family has supported for such a long time."

Asked how much she was thinking of donating, Chloe said "I think I'm going to cut myself off at £100,000 and give them the rest."

Then going on to talk about how winning the show is going to change her life, the triumphant champion continued: "I'm going to go to back to work next Monday. I'm so excited to go back to work. I'm so grateful that people let me do this - they're all so happy for me. I think the only way this is going to affect my life is, it's going to be so much easier for my friends and family - we can have a bit of fun and enjoy it. And I'm going to stay in Doncaster for the rest of my life.

"Maybe that makes me not a deserving winner that I'm not going to try and pursue any kind of fame, but in years to come, all I want to be able to do is say, 'Yeah, I'm still doing what I do but can you remember when I went on Big Brother and won?'. That's going to be absolute lasting material in ten years' time when I'm sat here with a bottle of wine."

Chatting about the confrontation Brian Belo and Helen Wood had in the house, Chloe said: "I think I was the only housemate who picked my stuff up and went to sit in a different room. It was really not very nice at all. I'm not shy to confrontation - I've been in plenty of arguments and fights and drama before, but it was being stuck in that house. No-one can walk away and you had to have it out until the end and there were other people are joining in. And it's really, really awful and it was sad to watch. I hope things have been smoothed over a tiny bit."

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