Despite recent rumours that Big Brother housemate Tom would be receiving a volatile confrontation from his girlfriend Paris inside the house this week, that’s not even close to being the case. In this week’s shopping task, housemates are tasked with keeping a large lightbulb lit up, but are offered temptations, such as messages from friends and family, which will cause it to lose power. Tom is offered time on the phone with his girlfriend Paris, and he immediately takes it. Their conversation is less-than-interesting, though, with the two simply exchanging pleasantries. Check it out below:

Other housemates are also tempted in tonight’s episode, with Hannah visited by her other sister, Mary. She tells her: “Mum is so proud! Listen to Deborah… Tell her [to] let Kieran into her life and let her guard down! He’s a lovely dude!”

The comments are obviously in reference to the flirting that’s taken place over the past few days between Deborah and Kieran, and are enough for Hannah to tell him in the house: “My mum says she’s accepted you and [she is] ready for the big Nigerian wedding!”

Elsewhere in the episode, Ellie reveals that she’s struggling with the relationship she’s formed with Second Chance Housemate, Sam. Under the impression that he’s got the hots for Isabelle, she contemplates leaving the house, but Sue is having none of it.

Talking in the kitchen about her, she admits: “The water works have been on for five hours today! I did a degree in media, I know all about it, it’s a showmance!”

Catch all the drama in tonight’s episode of Big Brother, which airs at 10pm on Channel 5.

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