This week on Big Brother, housemates have been competing in a deadly task called The Hunt, where housemates have been selected by each other through various games and challenges to be placed on the chopping block for this week’s double eviction.

Big Brother's finale falls on Friday, July 28

Big Brother's finale falls on Friday, July 28

With no normal nominations this week, it was Chanelle who first found herself targeted in a brutal game of pass the parcel, before Simone joined her on the block after being personally selected to go up by her fellow housemate, Tom.

Isabelle took the third spot on the block when she and Sam were told to choose amongst themselves which of them would face eviction, but took the decision on the chin and volunteered to go up for eviction, because she’s had longer in the house than Sam.

The three hunted housemates then had to choose amongst themselves one more housemate to join them in the firing line. Chanelle and Isabelle ruled with majority here, forcing Hurricane Sue to join them in an all-female battle at this week’s double eviction.

The first surprise, backdoor eviction takes after midnight tonight (July 13), before another proper eviction tomorrow night, meaning just two of the four women will survive to fight another week in the game.

Bosses at Channel 5 also announced that their grand finale will fall on Friday, July 28, with the premiere of the new series of Celebrity Big Brother said to be right around the corner.

Big Brother continues each night on Channel 5.

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