'Celebrity Big Brother' viewers have hit out at TV bosses for showing footage of Janice Dickinson having a seizure.

Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson

The 60-year-old model was rushed to hospital after suffering a severe allergic reaction from a bee sting but viewers were horrified when Janice's ordeal was aired on Tuesday (02.09.15), as she appeared to have a fit after falling to the ground.

One viewer tweeted: "If that was genuine.. Should #Cbb have aired that? and another added: "Ok @channel5_tv, that was way too much to show on air. Janice fitting on Big Brother. Horrible. Gross. Not good. #CBB (sic)."

More comments included: "I really don't expect @bbuk to air that it was really scary I was so worried for Janice #cbb," "#CBB doesn't think it appropriate to show Tila Tequila getting her marching orders but do think it appropriate to show Janice having a fit" and "Omg that Janice footage should not of been shown. #CBB (sic)."

The frightening incident occurred after Janice, who has since returned to the show, asked producers to bring her an EpiPen - an injection used to treat allergies - or an antihistamine to the Diary Room after complaining that that her fingers had "turned black" due to the sting.

She explained: "I've just got bitten by a bee and my finger is swollen and it's going up my wrist."

A paramedic quickly arrived to treat the former 'America's Next Top Model' judge was encouraged to "stay calm," but she dramatically fell to the ground moments later.

The medic was overheard calling for further assistance, saying: "Janice appears to be fitting."

She was then escorted to a nearby hospital, where she spent approximately three hours.

A spokesperson for the reality TV show said: "Janice underwent medical treatment and returned to the house."

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