Celebrity Big Brother's Bobby Davro allegedly had sex with his wheelchair-bound best friend's wife while he was asleep upstairs, her heartbroken husband has claimed.

Bobby Davro

Bobby Davro

Television comedian Wayne Dobson is adamant he'll never be pals with the 56-year-old actor again after he reportedly betrayed their three decade-long friendship by sleeping with his wife Marianne, 55, behind his back.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Wayne, who suffers with multiple sclerosis and is paralysed from the neck down, said: "I trusted him and my wife and they let me down.

"I blame Bobby for being weak, myself for having a disease that means I'm in this wheelchair and my wife for hurting me.

"I am really disappointed that Bobby gave up our 30-year friendship for a bit of skirt. We will never be friends again."

Wayne split from his wife in 2014 following a fiery row in which Marianne was arrested over allegations she had hit her spouse, but no charges were brought.

The TV star later filed for divorce, citing unreasonable behaviour, before learning two months later that his stunning wife had reportedly flashed her breasts to Bobby during a drunken video call on the social networking site, Skype.

Wayne is now entangled in a bitter divorce battle over the heartbreaking revelation.

Bobby - who entered the Big Brother house last Friday - and Marianne have denied allegations they have slept together.

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