Celebrity Big Brother has already been on Channel 5 for a week now, so we’ve decided to take a look back at all of the antics that have taken place and pick out the five most relevant, exciting and dramatic talking points from the show so far!

1. Trisha Paytas is EVERYTHING

Trisha Paytas is a YouTuber with over a billion views on her main channel, but still the ‘celebrities’ inside this year’s house have decided to pick on her at times. Two in particular – Jordan Davies and Sam Thompson – have ramped up their vendetta against her, especially in the first few days in the house, leading to some incredible moments from Trisha. Who else would come onto Celebrity Big Brother and cry in the Diary Room because they didn’t have a washcloth for their butt? Trisha is the early standout of the show and to see her go at any point before the finale would be a crime.

2. All of the ZZZ-worthy showmances

Marissa and Jordan. Amelia and Chad. Amelia and Sam. Trisha and Sam (WTF?!). We’re BORED of showmances and couldn’t be happier if all of these were put on permanent rest. If that means kicking out some of the offenders who seem to be treating CBB as if it were The Dating Game then so be it. We’re here for drama and temper tantrums, not attempts at grabbing a magazine deal.

3. Paul Danan versus Karthik Nagesan

Things got pretty dark this week as Paul failed to say Karthik’s name properly (claiming he was joking whilst doing so), and as Karthik accused Paul of being racist (also claiming he was joking whilst doing so). Ever since there has been a horrible air in the house, with both Jemma Lucy and Brandi Glanville (disappointing!) jumping to Paul’s defence and berating Karthik for his words. Thankfully, Big Brother pulled Paul up on his actions in the Diary Room and the idiot pretended it had only just dawned on him how his words could have been perceived as bordering on racist. We are ROLLING OUR EYES!

4. Sarah Harding’s Diary Room meltdown

CBB is all about seeing what celebrities are like in the real world, and it would seem they don’t get more real than former Girls Aloud member Sarah Harding. After being called “fragile” after a night of drinking, she stormed to the Diary Room for one of the most open and honest confessionals we’ve seen on the show in some time. Whilst it wasn’t nice to see her break down, it was good to see her let down her walls and be 100% herself. Not something we can say for many of the other housemates this year…

5. Sarah Harding eviscerates Paul Danan

Following her meltdown, Sarah took to bed in the evening and, as Paul asked housemates to be open and honest to their faces, she told him to stop being a “psycho” and eviscerated him in front of all those who shared a bedroom with her. It was a glorious, crowning moment for the singing sensation.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm with its first eviction, live on Channel 5.

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