Celebrity Big Brother couple Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson made it official in the house last night (August 18), referring to one another as “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” and getting whoops and cheers from the rest of their housemates. It didn’t take long for the two to get into a domestic however, with the pair arguing over mincemeat, of all things. Check out a clip below:

The episode also sees spirit medium Derek Acorah predicting a major future for the pair, where he tells the two: “Fate has brought you together and it’s taken to come in here to find yourselves. It’s America from a three-year cycle from now OK.”

After predicting their future, Sarah asked Derek if he would walk her down the aisle if the relationship ever got that far as she doesn’t have her “father figure around”. Saying that he would be “privileged” to do so, he then tells Chad that he’s “meant to be the father of her child” and says that “you see the pieces have now been put in.”

Whether or not the relationship lasts remains to be seen, but we would love Sarah and Chad to remain an item forever!

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5.

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