Celebrity Big Brother is at the centre of another scandal this week, as it was revealed YouTubers Ally Law and Ryan Taylor were able to break into the show’s compound and film celebrities through glass doors that surround the house. The footage they took was posted on each of the YouTube star’s Snapchat accounts, with the pair promising a full video of the stunt on their channels in the days to come.

Credit: Channel 5

Credit: Channel 5

Speaking in a statement to Digital Spy, Channel 5 said: “On Friday night, two intruders were apprehended by security at Elstree Studios. The safety of housemates, production and audience members is of paramount importance and Big Brother has appropriate security measures in place at all times.”

Prankster Taylor promised that this wouldn’t be the first time they’d be hitting the headlines this month, writing on Twitter: “I’ll give ya some news. The rest of January will have Multiple Headlines for ya head top”.

In the past, he and Law have been known for performing various stunts in which they’re able to surpass security measures and make it into a bunch of different places, including London’s O2 Arena.

Though it’s all fun and games for the pair, what the two are actually doing is showing that there is a huge lapse in security on many fronts, and that things should be stepped up if the safety of everybody involved and inside these buildings they’re trespassing on are to be kept safe.

The past week hasn’t been a good one for Celebrity Big Brother, with reports this weekend also surfacing that the show has been officially axed behind-the-scenes by Channel 5.

Dwindling ratings mean that there is apparently not enough reason to now keep the reality show on the air, which will no doubt have fans up in arms. No official word has yet been given on whether or not this is the truth, but we imagine Channel 5 will let us know the details as and when they are ready.

In the mean-time, Celebrity Big Brother continues each night on Channel 5.

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