This weekend saw the Year of the Woman themed series of Celebrity Big Brother come to an end, with Australian drag queen Courtney Act taking home the title with over 49% of the final vote. In second place was former Conservatives politician Ann Widdecombe, who raked in over 39% of the final vote.

Courtney Act won Celebrity Big Brother / Credit: Channel 5

Courtney Act won Celebrity Big Brother / Credit: Channel 5

Speaking about her win to media following her exit from the CBB compound, Courtney said how overwhelmed she was with the support she had seen, and was then asked about how she would have found an Ann win during Year of the Woman.

She said: “If Ann did win I would have been disappointed, not because of ‘Ann the person’, but because of ‘Ann the values’.

“In Year of the Woman, saying a woman can’t choose what happens to their body seems completely counter-intiuitive to the whole point of the celebration.”

The former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant continued: “Hopefully pop culture like CBB having these conversations actually get to reach more people and a younger audience and move the world in a way it’s already heading, but a little bit faster.”

Act is of course talking about Widdecombe’s voting history during her years in parliament, in which she would consistently vote against giving equal rights, such as marriage, to members of the LGBT+ community. Widdecombe was also vocally against abortion in any circumstances during her time as a politician, and those are arguments she will still have to this day.

Challenged in the house by Act, Widdecombe was firm in her beliefs, whilst Act would offer a completely different point of view, proposing that women should be able to choose what happens to their bodies if they fall pregnant, and that members of the LGBT+ community should be able to be happily married.

Fortunately, the tide looks to be turning in Act’s favour in recent years and those to come.

Celebrity Big Brother is set to return for another series in the summer, following a civilian series of Big Brother.

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