Danniella Westbrook and Christopher Maloney have put their feud behind them.

Christopher Maloney

Christopher Maloney

The formerly close friends hadn't spoken since March 2014 before entering the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house on Wednesday night (07.01.16).

While details of their argument haven't been revealed, it seems the pair are back on good terms after having a heart-to-heart in the bedroom last night.

The scenes will be shown on Friday night's programme (08.01.16).

Christopher is seen saying to Danniella: "We need to talk to get this sorted. What you've heard about what happened is bulls**t."

Danniella then replies: "You should have told me everything yourself. But a lot of time has passed. It's done now and I'm out the other side."

The pair then gave each other a hug.

Christopher had previously told fellow housemate Gemma Collins that he really missed Danniella.

He said: "I hope we can sort it out cause I do miss her, greatly. We got our dogs together and everything! It's not like I've done anything

"As far as I'm concerned, I know vaguely what it's over but it's not like I've done anything."

While it seems Christopher and Danniella have moved on from their tiff, the actress' former 'EastEnders' co-star Shaun Williamson is less than convinced by the show of forgiveness.

During a chat on 'Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side', Shaun said: "I know Danniella and I know what she's like. She might forgive Christopher but she won't forget."