Emma Willis has jumped to the defence of the current cast on the civilian version of Big Brother, following annoyance from viewers when they discovered a number of them had been on a selection of television shows in the past, such as Ex on the Beach and Ibiza Weekender.

Emma Willis hosts Big Brother UK

Emma Willis hosts Big Brother UK

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the Big Brother host said: “I didn’t even know they were on Ex on the Beach. But I guess it will make for a great rest of the show.

“They’re all friends in the first two days, but within a week they’ll all be fighting! The cast are fantastic. They are a true reflection of society in Britain. Obviously, they wanted an election theme. And we have working class people, upper class people. People from all walks of life. It’s not just about delivering the shock factor this time.”

She went on to explain how super secretive the team working on the show had become when it came to the housemates being revealed.

“Previously I would know weeks in advance, but not now,” she said. “In fact I didn’t even see all the VTs until launch night!”

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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