The beginning of 2018 is going to be marked by one of the biggest moments in reality TV history, as Celebrity Big Brother host Emma Willis welcomes, for the first time, an all-female cast on launch night!

Emma Willis is back! / Credit: Channel 5

Emma Willis is back! / Credit: Channel 5

Chatting about the decision, Willis explained: “The idea behind this series’ theme is to celebrate women as its 100 years since women won the right to vote. It’s hugely important that it’s being celebrated! It’s about learning the differences we all have and more importantly the similarities.”

The host added that she thinks the ladies will react well to men when they eventually do enter the house, and that the change will lead to “open and interesting conversations”, as well as “an amazing experience over the month, exploring all things to do with feminism from a female and male point of view.”

As the series continues, power will be handed to various housemates and as we’ve seen from twists like this in the past, that’s something that can really rattle some of the personalities inside the infamous compound.

Asked how she thinks this year’s bunch will deal with the power struggles, Willis said: “You can never guess! The people that you think will deal with power reasonably well, are sometimes the ones that really struggle and that’s the interesting thing about Big Brother, as the show casts different lights on different people under different situations.”

Exactly who will be going into the house and vying for that power and ultimately, the win of the series remains to be seen, but we imagine Channel 5 are lining up some of the most opinionated, likeable and exciting celebrity housemates of all time. Bring on the New Year.

Celebrity Big Brother launches its new series on January 2, at 9pm on Channel 5.

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