Janice Dickinson has been given a warning after appearing to spit at Austin Armacost on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson

The 60-year-old star - who claims she was the world's first supermodel - was reprimanded by Big Brother after she threatened to spit at the reality star during a row.

In scenes aired on last night's (31.08.15) episode of the Channel 5 show, the pair began arguing about the lack of hot water in the house and when Austin followed an angry Janice into the garden, she turned and made a spitting gesture at him.

And although it was unclear whether or not she actually spat at him, Big Brother chose to call her to the Diary Room to discuss her behaviour.

Speaking about her actions, Janice said: "In the garden the fight was escalated. He started to follow me. I did not spit on him. I made the motion that I spat on him."

However, Austin was not the only victim of Janice's wrath as the fight first broke out when she branded him, James Hill, Farrah Abraham and Jenna Jameson "selfish" for using up all the hot water.

She fumed: "I wanted a f**king bath OK selfish people. It's called common f**king decency."

Jenna was unimpressed with Janice's comments and unsuccessfully tried to put an end to her diva-like behaviour.

She said: "You know 100 per cent that I'm not selfish and that kind of sucked that you came in calling me selfish.

"I mean, like, don't try and pull your freakin' queen card. You're not above anybody. It just seems so abusive."

'Celebrity Big Brother' continues tonight (01.09.15) at 9pm on Channel 5 with a live eviction.