After Jasmine Lennard and James Jordan spent two days and one day in the Big Brother: Timebomb house respectively, the pair are now back in the real world and have given their opinions on their time in the house, as well as some of the housemates and who they think should be evicted in tonight's (July 3) live show.

Jasmine and Cristian / Credit: Channel 5
Jasmine and Cristian / Credit: Channel 5

Chatting about her time in the house, Jasmine said: "I had such a great time in the house, it was so different to my other experience, everyone liked me and everyone was so kind. Hopefully I have handed over the Britain's Biggest Bitch title to Helen Wood.

"Big Brother is like family to me, every time you roll the dice you don't know what experience you are going to get, it is the best show on TV and I would always say yes to going back."

Viewers saw Jasmine getting steamy with Cristian on the show, the two snogging multiple times and cuddling one another in the bedroom.

"I am not normally attracted to pretty boys but it was an energy, as soon as we locked eyes I knew it was on. I couldn't have imagined even kissing someone in the house so who knows what would have happened if I had been locked up with him for 11 weeks. It would have been very, very hard to resist him," she explained.

"Before I left the house I asked if he would like me to be at the final to see him come out and he said yes, so I will be there for him at the final."

Jasmine and Cristian / Credit: Channel 5
Jasmine and Cristian / Credit: Channel 5

And in response to rumours that she's playing him for media attention, she replies: "absolutely not, if I was doing that he wasn't the horse I would have picked as he wasn't a front runner. I hope that I have helped his chances to the final."

On Harry, she said: "Harry surprised me as I thought she would be bad but I didn't realise how bad and abusive she would be. The girl is toxic."

Jasmine continued: "It is unanimous in the house that she is ruining Nick's experience and he is definitely struggling. There are different types of abusive relationships and she is very abusive to him.

"The viewers can see the affect she is having on Nick but what they can't see [is] what it is doing to everyone else in the house. I hope they see that this week so she is evicted and Jack stays."

Jasmine and Cristian / Credit: Channel 5
Jasmine and Cristian / Credit: Channel 5

Listing her top three, she concludes: "I obviously want Cristian to win, then Nick and then Danny."

Big Brother: Timebomb continues daily on Channel 5, ahead of the finale on July 16.

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