Marnie / Credit: Channel 5
Marnie / Credit: Channel 5
Lewis / Credit: Channel 5
Lewis / Credit: Channel 5

Things got a little steamy in the Celebrity Big Brother house last night (July 31), as TOWIE's Lewis Bloor and Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson shared a snog in the storeroom, away from prying eyes.

Flirting earlier in the night, Marnie told Lewis how good a husband he would make, with the Essex boy teaching the Geordie lass how to cut potatoes in the kitchen and telling her how good a skill it would be for when she was married and had kids.

"Unless you married me and then I'd just cook," he added, leaving Marnie with a smile on her face.

"You're such an attractive girl and you're so cool, and the fact that you don't even know it makes you even more attractive," Lewis continued.

Though they later attempted to keep their smooch under wraps by heading into the storeroom for some alcohol, it didn't take long for some of their fellow housemates, such as Samantha Fox and Katie Waissel to cotton on to exactly what had happened.

They're not the only housemates looking for a bit of affection, as Heavy D had earlier in the day gone to both Lewis and Ex on the Beach star Stephen Bear to get some tips on how to romance Chloe Khan.

Following their advice, Heavy came up with a poem and put his charms to the test: "I know I may laugh and I know I may jest / But there's something that I must confess / It's not that you have a rather large chest / But it is in fact that you are a beautiful princess / Chloe, in the morning you give me the horn when you prance around like a unicorn / I met you in CBB and since then I've been very happy".

Chloe thanked him and told him the only thing he missed out was "cheese roll", but was appreciative he managed to fit both "princess" and "unicorn" into the piece.

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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