Nikki Grahame took to her Twitter account last night to post a long message in response to accusations from Helen Wood that she had received a formal warning in the house.

Credit: Channel 5
Credit: Channel 5

With many jumping to the conclusion that Nikki had been given the warning because of her actions whilst arguing with Helen, Nikki explained that this was not the case.

She wrote: "I was never given a formal warning in relation to Helen Wood. If she thinks I was then she has been misinformed. I have no reason to lie about this whatsoever. I'd always put my hands up when I'm wrong."

Earlier in the day she had told a viewer of the show exactly why she received the warning, stating:

The legendary housemate also addressed the fact she was given chocolate in the house, saying that it is part of "certain tendencies" that ensure she is given "energy" and maintains a "relatively healthy source of sugar" following her well-documented past struggles with anorexia.

After Helen said Nikki had "the body of a child" and was "the size of a child", as well as claiming she used her "frame, weight and height to get" what she wanted, she again said that her size was down to her past struggles.

"It's not ideal and I get upset about what I've done to my body but it's something I live with and will always have to live with," she continued.

Credit: Channel 5
Credit: Channel 5

"Comments like these are what make anorexics relapse and become wrapped up in all kinds of mental health issues all over again and I want it known that saying things like this to or about people who have been sick and near to death because of their size and eating habits is unacceptable."

She then explained that a serious car crash in 2005 means she has suffered "with small panic attacks in relation to this since it happened and unfortunately the food fight incident brought back a horrid sensation of the car crash and I suffered a mild panic attack".

Helen had claimed that her panic attack was fake, and done for attention.

"The whole evening is a blur, I was panicking and upset hence asking for a little space." Nikki added.

She concluded: "Having to defend myself over these subjects is hard, upsetting and not something I ever thought I'd have to do and I hope it will stop now.

"For everyone who's supported me during my time in the house and over the weekend all I can say is thank you. I have read everything today and your words have really cheered me up."

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