Sam Reece allegedly cheated on Stephanie Davis during a holiday she paid for.

Stephanie Davis and Sam Reece

Stephanie Davis and Sam Reece

The 22-year-old actress has been slammed with criticism for striking up a romance with Jeremy McConnell in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house while dating the model, but it seems their romance was on the rocks before she even entered the abode last month.

Christopher Maloney, who was in the house with Stephanie until he was evicted two weeks ago, said: "Since I got out people have been giving her a bad time and I think it's unfair. Her granddad has only just recently passed away, and there's certain things she's told me about Sam.

"She took him on holiday, she paid for him - he doesn't pay for anything. They went away and apparently he cheated on her while they were away. She read one of his text messages. She was really upset, but she forgave him. She told him if there was one more thing, they would be finished."

And, although many people believe Stephanie will go running back to Sam once she leaves the house, Christopher is adamant Stephanie will stay with Jeremy.

He told OK! magazine: "[Jeremy] loves her very much. I think they will start a relationship when she gets out."

The Irish hunk, 25, and the axed 'Hollyoaks' star hit the headlines last month when they became entangled in a love triangle after they shared a passionate smooch in bed.

After two weeks of outrageous flirting and cheeky bedroom antics, Stephanie appeared to dump Sam, whom she has been dating for over a year, on national television.

But she was left heartbroken just days later when she was torn away from Jeremy after he was evicted from the house following three weeks inside.