After antagonising the whole Farmhouse this morning, Flavor Flav has been making friends and influencing people this afternoon. Maybe that extra sleep has paid off after all. First he was bigging up Keith, telling him, "You just as handsome as Mikey, man. You just older." And Keith couldn't help but agree, before adding that beauty was in the eye of the beholder and that his wife loved him. Quite what he made of Flav's flattery, we can only guess. A little later Flav had a heart-to-heart with Emma Noble, with the blonde babe speaking frankly about her career and motherhood and Flav listening calmly. Emma probably hadn't seen his sensitive, listening side before. Shortly after that he was complimenting Mikey, telling him how good looking he was. "With your looks, you could make a lot of money," he told him. Flav neglected to mention he'd just used the same line on Keith

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