Eric Bristow

Eric Bristow

As another day in the jungle comes to a close, we’ve got all the highlights for you right here.


Helen faced her seventh Bush Tucker Trial, which was called a Bad Day At The Office.  Observed by her fellow celebrities, Helen successfully won five out of a possible twelve stars.

She completed the first station and ‘logged’ onto the jungle computer by putting her hands in the perspex box to use the keyboard, which was covered in green ants. 

Next up was ‘Face Photocopier’.  Helen was told that she would have to retrieve two stars, buried underneath a blanket of cockroaches, using only her teeth.  She decided to pass on this section.     

‘Pigeon Holed’ saw Helen successfully retrieve two stars from a box containing yabbies and scorpions.  Once she had the stars she had to post them into the letterbox which listed the name of animal that was hiding the stars.  Helen correctly identified the yabbies, but failed to identify the scorpions and won just one star.  

At the ‘Vending Machine’ Helen quickly retrieved the three snacks which dropped into a tray containing snakes and won another star.  She won a further star after she successfully drank a mug of blended mealworms and ate a stick insect.

 With three stars available at the penultimate area, Helen got into the ‘Hell of a Lift’ and attempted to catch the stars and a host of gunge and critters also dropped onto her, but she left empty handed. 

 At the final station, ‘Vile Files’ Helen retrieved one of the two possible stars available in a draw full of rats. 

 Helen won five stars and five meals for camp.  


Back in camp Helen admitted to her camp mates that she was disappointed with her performance in the live trial. 

As the camp mates rallied around her, Charlie commented, “that’s better than you’ve done before.”

David told her, “Out of all of us who has been the King or Queen of the jungle.  You’re doing the whole show.  You’ve done seven trials in a row.  You’re the one they’re voting for, they vote for a reason because they want to see you.  They like you or don’t like you, I can’t see anyone not liking you, what is there not to like?”

Later David confessed in the Bush Telegraph, “She’s producing the goods now.   Our baby Helen, she’s a true trouper and we’re quietly confident now that she’s going to produce the goods.” 


The celebrities awoke and began the task of tethering themselves to their ‘buddies’

However, the task, part of the Bush Buddy Challenge, of being tethered to each other had begun to cause tension amongst the celebrities.  

As well as losing their tethers, the celebrities admitted to finding it difficult to stay attached to each other.  

Nadine admitted, “I’ve got no chance with Eric he keeps un-attaching himself and I’m walking around with a piece of string next to me.” 

She continued, “Being attached to Eric is very funny.  Eric is not someone who abides by the rules.  I will be doing things and suddenly I’ll look down and have an empty tether walking along with me and there will be no Eric because he would have escaped.”    

Whilst Hugo added, “I don’t think anyone is enjoying this.  There is this lurking mood of anger around the camp.  I think someone would like to take one of the cardboard cut outs and smash it to pieces.” 

But he then confessed, “I’m motivated not to be first out.”  


Laughter filled the camp as Rosemary told her fellow camp mates about her experience with a medium. 

Eric, quipped, “Was his wife an extra-large.”  As the camp mates all laughed, a confused Helen replied that she didn’t understand the joke. 

As the laughter subsided, Rosemary finally confessed to her camp mates about her ‘spiritual guide.’ 

Nadine later told her fellow camp mates, “This has been so amazing for me.  I realised that I have laughed so much.  I realised that the day I entered politics is the day I stopped laughing.  I’ve also realised, because people might say you’re with a load of celebrities, but a lot of people in here apart from Hugo are from very normal backgrounds.” 

Hugo answered back, “What’s not normal about my background?  Why should I be excluded? I come from the same country as you, I speak the same language.” 

Nadine then replied, “You’re in the top two per cent, so you’re not normal.  The other 98% are.” 

Nadine continued, “I’ve realised how disconnected politics is from people because politicians don’t laugh.  It’s so grim it’s just the bubble we work in this disconnected bubble from everything else.” 

Hugo then asked, “Does Boris laugh?” 

Nadine said, “Boris does that’s why Boris is so loved as a politician, I’ve never laughter like this for years.” 


David headed down to camp with a laminate and informed his fellow camp mate  that they would all have to stay attached to their ‘buddy’s’ until the fifth celebrity is voted out. 

The shocked celebrities were unimpressed with this startling news but David finally admitted that he was actually joking and they could now ‘”detach from each other.” 

David then added, “however when the second bush buddy challenge commences this afternoon the remaining celebrities in camp must attached themselves to their cardboard cut-out.” 

He later confessed in the Bush Telegraph, “Playing jokes on people is what I do on a regular basis, not the nicest thing to do in the world granted.” 

Colin said, “Being free from tethering is a wonderful thing.  It’s like all things you think you’ve got something to complain about then something worse comes along like being tethered.  So being untethered makes us feel better than we felt before we were tethered.”  

With the camp mates now separated, Hugo took charge and insisted the celebrities cleaned the camp. 

Hugo commented, “The moment I got untethered I literally felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  I then noticed how disgusting the camp was it looked like a bomb had gone off, it was vile.”    

In a military operation, he set about tidying and giving his fellow celebrities tasks to do.  

As the male camper cleaned, a bemused Linda and Nadine looked on.

Hugo explained, “I’d argue that men on the whole, I go to my guy friends flats, are always much cleaner than my girlfriends’ flats.   Girls are lazy.” 


Rosemary and Colin received a dance lesson from Ashley.  The Pussy Cat Doll attempted to teach the pair a move from her hit ‘Don’t Cha’.

Later Rosemary said, “I’ve never done that sort of dancing.  It’s not like the cha cha cha or waltz. “

She also got a one on one boxing lesson from world champion David Haye much to the amusement of her fellow camp mates. 

He taught her how to clench her fists and she repeatedly punched his hands, following his guidance.    

Rosemary said, “My children at home everybody is going to be shocked.  I’m going to get into this, he’s going to do more with me!”  

David joked in the Bush Telegraph, “Muhammad Ali for me he’s number one, was number one I might add until today, until Rosemary stood up there.  (She’s) never done a boxing class in her life, she’s nearly broke my hands.   She can fight.”  


The celebrities were told that they would face their second Bush Buddy challenge and would be competing, once again, for the chance to avoid the first public vote.  

The buddies who faced the second challenge were, Nadine, David, Hugo, Helen, Rosemary and Linda. 

When they arrived at the challenge area they were each placed inside a large box where they had to search and deliver tokens which were hidden on the floor and deposit them into a catcher that was located on the outside of the box.  

They had to push the token through a hole in the bottom of the box using the magnet provided to guide it across the outside of the box.   

They had to land ten tokens in the collector but if 90 minutes had elapsed before this was completed the game would be over. 

The speed at which they complete the challenge would determine their ranking going into the third and final challenge, which would be Bed Bugs.  The quicker they were, the higher their ranking and greater their advantage.

The buddy who completed the game first would get to spend a night in the Jungle Den with their partner.

The celebrities were also fitted with an electric pulse devise that triggered each time a celebrity completed the challenge.   

The celebrities got to work, Helen and Rosemary admitted it was tough but as soon as they were all joined in the box by a swarm of flies, Nadine was the first to shout, “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!  

Nadine admitted, “I can’t do flying things.”

David was the first celebrity to complete the challenge, followed by Hugo and Linda.  Helen was next out.  Seeing that she was the last person remaining, Rosemary said she’d “had enough” and threw in the towel. 


Back in camp, Colin commented on Hugo’s image on the cardboard cut-out. 

He said, “that picture of him (about the cut out) Hugo he’s looking in a patronizing way. 

Limahl disagreed and said “I think it’s a humble look.”  But Eric added, “He’s been born with a spoon up his arse.   He’s a spoilt brat.”

Limahl added, “You can’t blame him for his upbringing.”

When the camp mates returned, Nadine was quick to explain to ‘buddy’ Eric the reasons she quit the challenge.  She blamed David for telling her about “flying cockroaches” and that freaked her out.   

She said, “David freaked me out before and told me about flying cockroaches and when these things buzzed out I thought they were cockroaches and I got out.”    

Referring to the public vote, she added, “Too be honest I don’t want it, you don’t need it.” 


The hungry celebrities were excited by the arrival of dinner but when they saw the ingredients their moods soon changed.

In the food bag was crocodile legs.  Rosemary admitted that she had “never in her life” cooked or eaten this delicacy. 

Rosemary and Hugo took charge prepared the meal for camp but tensions rose as Rosemary called Hugo “rude”  which prompted him to walk off and shed a tear.  He later confessed in the Bush Telegraph that it’s the third time he’s cried but planned to laugh it off.


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