'Celebrity Love Island' star Abi Titmuss has banned her mother from reading her raunchy new book. The sexy blonde's mum asked her daughter for a copy of erotic novel 'Ten Fantasies', but Abi refused because she didn't want her mum - a teacher, who is currently ill - to know all her sex secrets. She confessed: "I had to say no, these are sexual fantasies from inside my head. I share everything else with my mother, but not that." However, the former nurse - who shot to fame after private sex videos she made with ex-boyfriend John Leslie and another woman became public - insists her parents are proud of her. She said: "They are very proud. It has been very hard on them at times but they are very understanding." Abi also believes her rebellious may stem from her parents' divorce. She explained to Britain's Sunday Times newspaper: "My parents divorced when I was 15 and I went off the rails a bit. But look, I don't want to blame them. And my mother isn't well."

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