Multi-talented Judi Shekoni is a romantic at heart but her busy lifestyle has swamped her relationships. “This is going to be perfect for me. I can just be me and don’t have to worry about the phone ringing and going to auditions,” she says. Age: 24
Star sign: Aries
Born: Manchester
“I’m not a long-term relationship girl - the longest I’ve been out with anyone is about seven months. I have a boyfriend for a while but no two-year relationships or anything. I’m never in one place long enough.” But Judi, a model, actress, presenter and businesswoman who splits her time between LA and London, knows what she wants in a man. “I like him to do the chasing. I look for someone who is tall, with a personality and a sense of humour. That’s essential,” she adds. “I spend a lot of time in America but I’ve got a British sense of humour – self-deprecating, sarcastic and ironic. I like intelligence, ambition, creativity and a good body. I suppose I go for anyone from Brad Pitt to 50 Cent, so I guess I’m not fussy. “I’m 5ft 11ins tall so it can be disappointing when I spot a really hot guy but when he gets up he’s still the same height as when he’s sitting.

“This will be a chance to fall in love and I’m definitely open to that idea – it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Usually, when I go on holiday, I have a little romance and that’s nice.

“If I like a guy, I will give them a bit of a hint. I don’t think you should be like a brick wall. It will be eye contact or maybe a smile and if they don’t recognise that then maybe some sexy body moves.”

Judi, who appears in the film Private Moments and has a lead role in a new American show, got four A-Levels at school but turned down a university place to pursue a TV and film career.

“I like a man to have style and to take care of himself – I can’t stand blokes who are sheep and don’t make any effort. Lazy boys are a real turn off.

“When I fancy someone I like a bit of spark, a bit of danger and excitement, that’s what I find attractive. I don’t want someone saying I’m beautiful and perfect, that would be awful.”

Judi, who has been single for six months, is looking forward to the beach, barbecues, sunsets and maybe even a bit of dancing.

“It’s one of my weak-spots. When I’ve had a glass of wine I’m convinced I’m the sexiest dancer in the world. I think I’m really hot and could get any guy in the club when the truth is probably something different and you wake up the next morning embarrassed.

“I’m looking forward to it. I’ve got lots of energy and don’t have any fear. I like making people laugh and I can laugh at myself so I hope I come across guys who find that attractive.

“This is going to be intense and personal. We’re going on dates and people are going to have to say what they think which will be quite harsh. But I can stick up for myself and I’m going to enjoy making new friends and enjoying the experience.”