Adam Collard has admitted he was playing a game when he coupled up with Darylle Sargeant on 'Love Island'.

Adam Collard

Adam Collard

The 22-year-old personal trainer hooked up with the 24-year-old eyebrow technician after Zara McDermott was booted out of the villa, but he has now confessed he was lying to himself and host Caroline Flack about his feelings for Darylle.

Speaking on ITV's This Morning, he said: "The first time I ever thought about the game was when I recoupled with Darylle, choosing Kendall and choosing Rosie was nothing like that.

"It was just I got on with Kendall out of the first girls in the villa the most and there wasn't a massive spark there, there wasn't a massive spark with Rosie, but I really got on with Rosie and when we were good I got on with her really well.

"The only time I thought about the game was when I coupled up with Darylle. I knew I was lying to myself and I knew I was lying to Caroline when she said, 'Would you re-couple with Darylle if Zara was still here?'

"What are you supposed to say when you're holding hands with a girl, you don't wanna shoot someone down like that but I knew within myself, and I think Caroline knew the way she looked at me."

Adam - who declared his love for Zara on last night's (08.07.18) 'Love Island: Aftersun' - also accused Islander Georgia Steel of "lying" over the kissing controversy she has been involved in lately.

She smooched friend Laura Anderson's partner Jack Fowler on a date, and there has been uproar over who kissed who, and whether Jack pulled away from the kiss.

Adam said: "I think she's lying because you can see on the image that she's fully pulled jacks neck in for a second kiss but I don't know if it's went so far that she believes it herself. He's trying to pull away."