Adam Collard has told Zara McDermott he loves her.

Adam Collard

Adam Collard

The 'Love Island' hunk has been reunited with Zara after leaving the reality TV villa, and although the day after she left herself he hooked up with Darylle Sargeant, he has now revealed his true feelings.

Speaking on spin-off show 'Aftersun', Caroline Flack told Adam that Zara said she had "found love" when she first left the show, and then asked if he felt the same.

He responded: "Totally, I totally love Zara. The problem is I won the show too early, when I met Zara. I do love her."

Caroline wasn't letting him off the hook there though, as she asked him to confirm if he was actually in love with her.

He added: "Yeah, 100%."

Adam's declaration comes after Zara has urged him to "pull his finger out a little bit", when she didn't hear from him after he first left the villa.

The 21-year-old government advisor was coupled up with the 22-year-old personal trainer in the villa until she left the ITV2 show last month, and she was keen to have a chat with the hunk to see if there is still a connection between them following his departure.

She said last week: "I've not heard from him. I think he needs to pull his finger out a little bit. It wasn't easy watching him kiss someone else on TV so soon after we had separated so I think he has got to pull his finger out a little bit and make some effort.

"The Adam I watch on TV and the Adam I got to know in the villa are two different people. I need to wait to speak to him in person."